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WARRIORECORDS was founded in Paris in dec 2020.

It's a label fighting for music, poetry and any form of experimental work around sound.

EBM, Cold Wave, New Wave, Techno, Hardcore and many more ...

WARRIORECORDS launchesLPs, EPs, audio fictions and mixes. 

Here are some of the artists that've been working with WR :


Mansfield.TYA, Vimala Pons,  Sexy Sushi ....


Rebeka Warrior, Maud Geffray, Cassie Raptor, Minuit Machine, Ha Kyoon, DMRA, Fishbach, Landi, Uzi Freyja, M.Saldana & J. Drillet, Dance Divine, Cate Hortl,  Julia Bondar, Paradox Obscur ....


Mc Kenzie Simone, Substancia, Asian Highway, Landi, Ly Sas, Hybral, Metaraph, S.Ruston,  Lady Maru, Soraä, Debbie, Zohar, Fluid, Mayo, Eastel, Laven, Wanton Witch, Abby Knives, Berlin Bunny, Talita, Sofabyoudie

WARRIORECORDS is also planning events.

Queer House


La maison Warrior a été créée à Paris en décembre 2020.

C'est une maison qui défend la musique, la poésie et les expérimentations sonores de qualité.

EBM, Cold Wave, New Wave, Techno, Hardcore  ...

WARRIORECORDS organise aussi des events.

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