La Maison Warrior invite régulièrement des artistes qu’elle aime et dont elle se sent proche, à préparer des mixs-comme des surprises à écouter en toutes circonstances.

"For the sound of this mix I pushed deeper into my homebase influence of Tbilisi, with a strong EBM and industrial track curation. The driving kick and basslines are significant of my desire for a reconnection with club dancefloors. There are some brilliant Artists on this mix, including two young up and coming Georgian producers Downwell and Clinical Hates.  

I recorded this from my home DJ booth on a rainy day in Georgia. Here is a small love letter to the WARRIORECORDS community written by me. Thank you for listening with open hearts. I hope to meet you under the strobe lights soon."

McKenzie Simone


photo © Marie Taillefer

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