La Maison Warrior invite régulièrement des artistes qu’elle aime et dont elle se sent proche, à préparer des mixs-comme des surprises à écouter en toutes circonstances.



"Je voulais partager 2 couplets d'une chanson que j'adore d'Absolutely Body Control, Into the light :

You don't have to show me
I do know how it feels
with or without you,
we're captured in our dreams

Is anybody out there?
You're out of sight
just follow me,
follow me into the light."


"For the sound of this mix I pushed deeper into my homebase influence of Tbilisi, with a strong EBM and industrial track curation. The driving kick and basslines are significant of my desire for a reconnection with club dancefloors. There are some brilliant Artists on this mix, including two young up and coming Georgian producers Downwell and Clinical Hates. I recorded this from my home DJ booth on a rainy day in Georgia. Here is a small love letter to the WARRIORECORDS community written by me. Thank you for listening with open hearts.

I hope to meet you under the strobe lights soon."

McKenzie Simone

"Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable" (c) Cruz

Ly Sas


photo © Marie Taillefer

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